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Mastering the Art of Retail Design: Navigating Trends, Trials, and Triumphs with Tiffany & Co.'s Program Manager for Global Store Planning, Christina Wang

The Fohlio team, along with Tiffany & Co.'s Christina Wang, discussed trends, trials, and triumphs in retail design, focusing on the shift from transactional to experi...

[Crash Course] What You Need to Know About Lifecycle Data and How It Increases Your Building’s Value

We quickly run through the different phases of building construction and the data involved. Plus: why it's important to keep, manage, and organize construction lifecyc...

[Recorded Webinar] Procurement During COVID: How to Manage Delays, Pricing Changes, and More

We’re sitting down with some of the leading procurement experts in the AEC industry to learn how they’ve thrived during the pandemic.

Thriving in a Red-Hot Housing Market: How Trust and Communication are Driving Profits for New Atlantic Builders

In the face of pricing volatility and national-sized competition, old-school relationship-building is the way to go.

[Recorded Webinar] Specifying Sustainable and Healthy Materials: Best Practices

Panelists discuss how to build a healthier and more sustainable materials library, the requirements for different levels of LEED certification, how sustainable materia...

Machine Learning Could Be The Future of Construction Project Management -- Here's Why

A software developer is using machine learning to bring the fragmented AEC industry into a cohesive whole.

[Recorded Webinar] Managing Design Standards and Material Libraries: Best Practices

Architects, a BIM manager, and an FF&E manager share their best practices for managing design standards, ff&e, and material libraries.

Protect Your Bottomline: Differing Site Conditions and Change Orders (Crash Course: Contract Law with Wally Zimolong)

How to make an airtight claim in your contract to make sure your work outside of the specified scope is covered.

Protect Your Bottomline: Scope, Price, Time, and Payment (Crash Course: Contract Law with Wally Zimolong)

What type of work needs to be done? How much will it cost, and how long will it take? The questions seem basic, but you'd be surprised at how easy they are to overlook.

4 Keys to Creating Good Contractor-Designer Relationships (Capella Kincheloe)

Capella Kincheloe talks about setting expectations on the job site for everyone involved.

4 Tips for Writing Design and Architecture Proposals (Enoch Sears AIA)

Enoch Sears AIA talks about what to do when architecture clients say you're too expensive.

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