[Recorded Webinar] Procurement During COVID: How to Manage Delays, Pricing Changes, and More

We’re sitting down with some of the leading procurement experts in the AEC industry to learn how they’ve thrived during the pandemic.
Travis Reese and Heather Parker will discuss how to:

1. Forecast lead times despite constantly changing circumstances.
2. Stay on top of order tracking.
3. Keep change orders and budget changes at a minimum.
4. Improve coordination with suppliers.
5. Maintain transparency with clients.

We’re honored to be joined by:

  • Travis Reese Procurement, Manager @Goebel Design Group. Travis’s expertise is in managing the purchase, delivery, and installation of Goebel selections to ensure efficient, on-time and on-budget projects for their clients. Goebel Design Group is a full service interior design firm which opened its doors in 1901. With over a century of experience and consistency, their design expertise and creative insight provides clients with functional, unique, environmentally sound, and budget-conscious interior spaces. Their specialties are: hospitality, restaurant, corporate, medical, and senior living agendas.
  • Heather Parker, Accounting Manger and Project Administrator @OCG Design. Heather has over 10 years experience in project development & management. Working with Fohlio, she created custom configurations that were specific for her firm’s way of accounting and project tracking. OCG is an Interior Design, Construction Management, and General Contracting firm based in the Vail Valley, Colorado, that was founded in 2015. It was created on the belief that the client’s needs should be prioritized and that with open communication paired with proactive management, project goals can be maintained to the benefit of client, contractor, and end user. They take great pride in their ability to effectively manage a wide range of project types running the gamut from Custom Homes, Remodels, Retail, to Hospitality.
Fohlio is a product specification, procurement, and data management software for the AEC industry. With Fohlio, you can manage your budgeting, specification, purchasing, inventory, and product data processes from end to end. Go to https://www.fohlio.com and schedule your demo today.

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