4 Tips for Writing Design and Architecture Proposals (Enoch Sears AIA)

Enoch Sears AIA talks about what to do when architecture clients say you're too expensive.
Worrying over the fees you're charging a client is often the very thing that makes them obsess over it. Enoch Sears explains how to effectively sell your services by focusing on value instead of cost. You will learn how to ask questions like, what really matters to this client? How can you present your proposal in order to reflect its value as a premium service? Would pricing your offerings at the higher end of the spectrum actually bring in more high-end clients? (Spoiler: Yes.)

In this episode, you will learn:

1. Understand 4 critical mistakes architects make when they write proposals.
2. Discover 4 tips for writing an effective, client-getting architecture proposal.
3. Discover 3 psychological triggers for enhancing a proposal for architectural services.
4. Learn how to deal with fee proposal objections using value propositions.

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