Activity-Based Work is the Future of the Office (Noam Hazan)

Open office or closed? You're asking the wrong question.
After more than a decade of the open office, critics are convinced that it's the worst thing to ever have happened to management. Is the closed office making a comeback?

Actually, according to Noam Hazan, you're asking the wrong question. "It's all about offering a variety of spaces within the workplace where people have the flexibility to work." Areas for privacy, collaborative work, rest, and more, are doing a better job keeping employees happy, which means fewer sick days and more productivity.

Noam is a UK-trained Architect who has worked for critically acclaimed architecture practices in London, New York and Toronto. 

Since moving to Toronto in 2014, Noam established Noam Hazan Design Studio, a boutique design firm focusing on Architecture and Interiors. 

Applying his design and entrepreneurial skills, he co-founded Northspace, the first coworking company in North York, Toronto. Under Noam's leadership, Northspace was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the Top 10 coworking spaces in the world. 

In 2017, Noam sold Northspace and merged his design studio with SDI Design where he is the creative director. 

In his spare time, Noam runs InvestTO, an events based investment community of over 1000 members. He often writes about design and workplace strategy and has been published in various publications such as Toronto Life, Workplace Magazine, ThePointsGuy and the FarmSoho.

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