[Crash Course] What You Need to Know About Lifecycle Data and How It Increases Your Building’s Value

We quickly run through the different phases of building construction and the data involved. Plus: why it's important to keep, manage, and organize construction lifecycle data.
David Fouché gives us a high-level guide to the different phases involved in constructing a building. He also answers the following questions: Which bits of data are involved in each phase? What's the difference between lifecycle and phase-specific data? Why does this matter to designers? Why does it matter to project owners? How does data increase a building's value? 

This episode is best suited for professionals who are new to the industry, and firms that want to expand their services to other phases of the construction cycle.

David Fouché is one of Fohlio's product and marketing advisers. He is also the Senior Architect and Project Manager at MS Technology, Inc., and Owner of Big Green Bear.

Fohlio is a product specification, procurement, and data management software for the AEC industry. With Fohlio, you can manage your budgeting, specification, purchasing, inventory, and product data processes from end to end. Go to https://www.fohlio.com and schedule your demo today.

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